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The Power of Dolby Atmos on PS5 for Ultimate Audio Domination.


With the aid of Dolby Atmos on PS5, be ready to unlock three-dimensional audio from traditional boundaries that catapult you to a world where sound becomes an adventure.

What is Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is an improved audio system that surpasses conventional sound. Dolby atmos opposes traditional systems that use channels, enabling sounds to travel freely around the listener three-dimensional space. It is ideal in virtual worlds gaming since it provides a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

To make sure that you are fully prepared to enjoy you audio like never before, we will guide you through the process in this article. Trust in the process, Dolby Atmos is the king you all have been waiting for.

Can you get Dolby Atmos on PS5?

Yes, you can get Dolby Atmos on PS5. It was a component of a system upgrade to the software that was made available in September 2023.

Benefits of Dolby Atmos on PS5

Benefits of Dolby Atmos on PS5

Here’s why Dolby Atmos on PS5 should be your new audio must-have:

1. Enhanced Spatial Audio

Dolby Atmos on PS5 enhances spatial audio with the following perks listed below;

  • 3D Soundscape
  • Height Channels
  • Dynamic Object Tracking

2. Improved Gameplay

Improved Gameplay on Dolby Atmos on PS5
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Deeper Immersion
  • Emotional Impact

3. Versatility Across Audio Setups

A significant advantage to talk about on Dolby Atmos on PS5 is its compatibility with various audio setups. If you are a gamer desiring a quality headset, a soundbar, or a full home theater system. Dolby Atmos is here to help ensure an exceptional audio experience.

4. Enhanced Cinematic Storytelling

Cinematic Story Telling

Games that require focus become more interesting and captivating with cinematic elements with the aid of Dolby Atmos.

Additional Perks:

  • Works with Most Headphones
  • Growing Game Support
  • Future-Proof

Of course, how much of these advantages apply to you will vary depending on your setup and the games you play. But if you want the most lifelike and immersive sound experience you can get out of your PS5, Dolby Atmos is unquestionably something to think about.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • You need compatible headphones or a 5.1.2 or 7.1.4 surround sound system to experience Dolby Atmos on PS5.
  • Not all PS5 games support Dolby Atmos. You can check the game’s audio settings or search online to see if it’s compatible.
  • Enabling Dolby Atmos requires a one-time license purchase or a subscription to PlayStation Plus.

How to enable Dolby Atmos on PS5

Enabling Dolby Atmos on PS5

To enable Dolby Atmos on your PS5, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the necessary requirements:
  • Latest PS5 system software: Your PS5 need not to outdated instead updated with the latest system software version which comprises of Dolby Atmos support. Check for updates in settings>System>Software update
  • Compatible audio equipment
  • Headphones: Choose headphones with Dolby Atmos support and certification.
  • 5.1.2 or 7.1.4 surround sound system: Your system should have upward-firing speakers or simulated Atmos through headphones for the full experience.
  • HDMI eARC connection: Both your TV and soundbar/receiver need to support HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) for the passthrough of Atmos audio. Check your devices’ user manuals or manufacturer websites for confirmation.

2. Enable Dolby Atmos on PS5 settings:

  • Head to Settings > Sound > Audio Output.
  • Choose Audio Format (Priority).
  • Select Dolby Atmos from the options.

3. Additional adjustments (Depending on your equipment):

  • Headphones: You might need to set up your specific headphones in the Audio Output menu within Sound.
  • HDMI eARC: On some TVs, you may need to enable eARC or similar settings manually. Check your TV’s audio settings for specific instructions.

4. Verify Atmos is working:

  • Once enabled, some PS5 games will display a Dolby Atmos logo in the audio settings. You can also play specific Atmos demos or trailers to test the functionality.

Dolby Atmos on your PS5 Quick Guide

Additional notes:

  • Enabling Dolby Atmos on PS5 requires a one-time license purchase or a PlayStation Plus subscription.
  • Not all PS5 games support Dolby Atmos. Check the game’s audio settings or online resources to see if it’s compatible.

To sum it up, here is a guide to experiencing Dolby Atmos on PS5, however, it doesn’t end here, explore further other themed content such as how to connect bluetooth headphones to PS5, Best JBL headphones, and many more. We are always here to discuss the latest trends in headphones to serve you.