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HIGHCAST 45: Bios & Mana (Saturate Records)

Saturate Records should need no introduction. The Hamburg, Germany-based label was crucial in pushing the wild/heavy/crunk/experimental side of early Bass Music (years before Trap was a thing, mind you) as Dubstep immolated, introducing the world to the likes of Krampfhaft, heRobust, Manni Dee, Subp Yao, G Jones, GANZ and more through clever free downloads via the early incarnations of Bandcamp. They were ahead of the curve in 2011 and they’re ahead of the curve today. They’re passion and DIY approach should serve to inspire any budding curator.

So to celebrate their oft under-celebrated achievements in advancing & inspiring our culture, we present HIGHCAST 45: a tinted window, wood grain ride for you from Saturate head honchos Bios and Mana that puffs smoke in your face as it glides through 36 tracks over the course of an hour, showcasing the wide berth of talent within the extended Saturate family (and rinsing a few unreleased/exclusive goodie goodies too). Well, what are you waiting for?


  1. Patrick Sexx ft. Bleep Bloop – The Outer Void
  2. Kappa Kavi – Yama-no-Kami
  3. Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Terroreur
  4. DJ Pound – Shoulder Lick
  5. Hammertje Tik – Sleepless Nights (Ganz Remix)
  6. EPROM – Vogel
  7. Boeboe – X Aisle
  8. Koloah – Ash Coloured
  9. Luisterwaar – ???
  10. Patrick Sexx ft. Bleep Bloop – Fat Belly
  11. Thomas White – Killah x Doshy – Automatic Drug Booster
  12. Boeboe – Cabbage Patch
  13. Doop vs. Subp Yao – Skippy Ball Bounce
  14. Ganz – Grind Harder
  15. Deadcrow – Hatchback
  16. Zeke – ??? (Subp Yao Remix)
  17. Minnesota & G Jones – ???
  18. Conrank – Boy Tell Em (DJ Pound Remix)
  19. Yahtzel – High With Me
  20. Trapmasters – This Record
  21. Boats – Drop A Track
  22. Guerilla Speakerz & Beau Damian – Babyhead
  23. Boats – Washi
  24. Luisterwaar – Bass Fabrics
  25. Yheti – Fresh
  26. G Jones – Ring The Alarm
  27. G Jones – Cosmic Swarm
  28. ??? – ???
  29. G Jones – ???
  30. Katraven – Feelin It
  31. Luisterwaar – C.omplex R.hythm -Y.outh
  32. Eprom – Subroc
  33. G Jones & Mad Zach – Spontaniousity
  34. G Jones – Pixel
  35. Air Stegosaurus – Valium
  36. What So Not – Touched




REVIEW: Howson’s Groove – Body & Soul EP

The South London duo Howson’s Groove have only been on the scene for about a year but in that time, with just 2 proper releases, they’ve managed to stir up a healthy amount of attention. Kicking things off with their Blithe EP last October on London’s well-curated Chasing Unicorns label, the duo effectively embody the diverse range inherent in the ethos of the UK bass music paradigm, coherently bringing together the shimmering pads & groovy shuffle of House, the unpredictable broken beats & low tone growls of proto-Dubstep and the RnB-tinged, anthemic nature of Bassline (or House & Bass, whatever you want to call it).

Their new EP, Body & Soul, (which dropped yesterday) is markedly refined compared to Blithe EP (as mature as it was for a debut release). With 2 straight-forward originals accompanied by 2 remarkable and (better yet) different remixes from the likes of Fybe:One and Arkist.

The title track Body & Soul is a happy-go-lucky House & Bass Pop number the shines & glistens in the summer light. Shake Up stands out as the powerhouse track of the two, exploring darker territory within the House & Bass paradigm, with a Jungle-esque bassline dominating the bouncy track.

Fybe:One adds an extra dimension to the release, chopping up Body & Soul into a heavy RnBass-like track before morphing into a more straight-forward Garage shuffle in the second half. To conclude the EP, Arkist steps away from his typical experimentation with industrial textures and fleshes out a more clean cut House jam with a slight noise grain on the growling bass line. The Arkist remix is a free download from XLR8R (above) and Howson’s Groove gifted the non-EP track Live On (below) to XLR8R as well.

Body & Soul EP by Howson’s Groove is available now on vinyl and as a digital download from Chasing Unicorns.





After their storming debut on Chasing Unicorns, which found its way into the boxes of everyone from Tensnake to Danny Howells to Osunlade, London duo Howson’s Groove return to the label for a two-tracker of throbbing house grooves. ‘Body & Soul’, backed with remixes from @Fybeone and @Arkist, also marks the label’s first foray into the world of vinyl distribution.

1. Body & Soul
2. Shake Up
3. Body & Soul (Fybe:one Remix)
4. Shake Up (Arkist Remix)





Sydney, Australia’s HOUNDED may be young but his recent free 4 song EP Hearts is brimming with a well-honed introspection and mature sense of melancholy. The entire release does a pretty good job at encapsulating the current scene of heavily RnB-influenced downtempo and schloopy instrumental hip hop. Download each track individual here or below.


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NOSTALGIA FOR NATURE (english subtitles) from Hugo Arcier on Vimeo.

STREAM: Motions – All Gone

Former Grown Folk member Brendan Neal has been busy scheming and building his Motions project. First teasing the project last month with the absolutely triumphant, amazing free download To The Sea (via XLR8R), we’ve now been given a look inside at his forthcoming EP for Body High, thanks to Resident Advisor. Suffice to say it will be astounding. Check out RA’s interview for more details about Motions.

DOWNLOAD: Moduloktopus – Queef Latifah ReBirth EP

Boston-based Moduloktopus has been a figure of the North American bass scene for quite some time, experimenting with countless styles, demonstrating a strong comprehension of production (and he also happens to be the Ableton instructor for Mmmmaven’s DJ & Production School). Through Do Androids Dance he just dropped a new EP that features his lush club track Queef Latifah along with a hardened VIP version and 2 remixes courtesy of fellow Bostonians Noms and Wigzen. Snag the MP3s below or grab a .zip of WAVs here.

HIGHCAST 44: Gossip Boy

Boston’s Gossip Boy has made quite the stir the last year. The 6’4″ DJ/producer has penetrated some of the most niché corners of the URL universe off the back of his RWD.FM program (every Sunday 4pm EST) and consistently relevant selections that paint a coherent, evolving picture of modern club music. So for HIGHCAST 44 take Gossip Boy’s hand and let him escort you into the (grimey, bass-laden) night as he cruises through 33 songs in 45 minutes.


  1. Nomis – Yo (Yepimnick Remix)
  2. Pev & Kowton – Vapours
  3. Paleman – The Day
  4. Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne – My Love (Royal T Remix)
  5. Flava D – 5am Remix
  6. Damn Kids – Gxlden Bxy
  7. Fraxinus – Tomb Boss
  8. Killjoy – Memories
  9. Jook 10 – Ups & Downs
  10. FIS T – Night Hunter (Extended Mix)
  11. Redlight ft. Raekwon – Get Money
  12. Bad Autopsy – Ginmixer
  13. Detboi – Focus
  14. Roska – Elevated Level
  15. Pedro 123 – Swap Numbers (Kom Remix)
  16. Bloom – Juniper
  17. Dizzee Rascal – Give You More (Instrumental)
  18. Submerse – Shukka
  19. DJ Q – All Junglist VIP
  20. Legion – ???
  21. Filthy Vicars – Bars
  22. Grovestreet – Mook
  23. Inkke – L-O-K
  24. Jammer – Big Man (Zed Bias Snake Refix)
  25. Spooky – Spartan (Soloman’s Luved Up Remix)
  26. Squire of Gothos – Can’t Walk
  27. Stenchman – Machine Molester
  28. Swifta Beater – I Keep It Real
  29. Lenkemz – Came Here 2 Beat
  30. Vin Sol – Voice Chip Activ8
  31. Essentials – State Your Name (Dellity Refix)
  32. Trends – Selecta (Adam Mac Refix)
  33. Zee954 – I’m High