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HIGHCAST 60: Magical Mistakes

Magical Mistakes plays on a global field, but there’s a unique other-worldly vibe that is foundational to the high art that is his music. This is mostly in part to the North American beatsmith’s supreme divulgence in Japanese culture – a culture so rich and so disparate that the average American would it find alien. This utterly strong contrast, the land of his birth with his adopted culture, enables Magical Mistakes to weave a musical tapestry with infinite possibilities and a subsequent richness that is uniquely his own.

While deeply involved with various projects and labels in Osaka, Japan (his adopted home), Magical Mistakes turned to his homeland to release Decompose / Reassemble, joining up with the equally unique Canadian label King Deluxe (a favorite here at High On Beats). Similar to label mates Julien Mier and Alphabets Heaven, Magical Mistakes blends live instrumentation and peculiar found sounds, breaking them with technology and rebuilding it all into lush, pretty beats that are magically timeless and culturally relevant.

For his HIGHCAST mix, Magical Mistakes extends that keen taste into a 40 minute journey filled with unreleased gems from the man himself. Enjoy.


  1. Free the Robots – Take Flight (Ramza remix) (Perfect Touch)
  2. James Holden – Renata (weird edit my own) (Border Community)
  3. Magical Mistakes – New Untitled (UNRELEASED)
  4. Kyoka – Hadue (Raster Norton)
  5. Plastikman – Disconnect (Novamute)
  6. Phoebe Kiddo – Inevitable Diaspora of Clouds (Nonprojects)
  7. DJAO & Running in the Fog & Natasha Kmeto – RBMA Basscamp Session
  8. Matthewdavid – Artforms (Brainfeeder)
  9. Magical Mistakes – New Untitled ( UNRELEASED)
  10. Oscar McClure – Leaves (my edit with strings) (Leaving Records)
  11. Nathan Fake – Paean (Border Community)
  12. Julien Mier – Glide, Sail, Float (Sam a la Bamalot remix) (King Deluxe)
  13. Magical Mistakes – Unconscious (UNRELEASED)
  14. Magical Mistakes – Suspended (UNRELEASED)
  15. Magikal Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz (Matador)
  16. Yuri Popowycz – My Cookie Heart (UNRELEASED)




PURCHASE “Decompose / Reassemble”



EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Tecs Evergreen – Hold On

With the debut LP from prolific Brooklyn beatsmith Tecs Evergreen right around the corner, we’re stoked to be able to give away this amazing, smooth sailing, low flying Boom Bap cut Hold On. Out next week on cassette and as a digital download on San Francisco’s Dusty Records, Overtones weaves between the chilled Electronica of Nightmares on Wax and Zero 7 and the subdued Trap/RnBass of Sango, Mr. Carmack and Kaytranada.

According to Tecs, the album “revolves around themes of love, loss, hope and reflections of dystopia on modern culture” and is inspired by the “sights, sounds and cultural variance of New York.”

Overtones will be available on digital and cassette format on Monday, July 28th, 2014. Pre-order here. Download Hold On below (or here)

REVIEW: Ba-kuura – Super Dream_sim EP

Atlanta’s Ba-kuura (who aptly rounded out our SAMSARA Vol. 1 compilation from earlier this year) are apart of a new wave of producers that strictly play by their own rules. Joined by their brethren in the collectives Tomahawk Chop Squad, Moving Castle, Anime Club and PEACHBOIZ as well as the supportive labels like Montreal’s RAW Records and Russia’s Hyperboloid, Ba-kuura represent the forefront of what is essentially internet music: the most engaging elements of all modern genres – Juke, Trap, Bass, Neon, Ballroom, Grime, Club – minced, mixed and then bonded together with a thick Asian cultural influence and a collective affinity for first generation digital art.

This realm of music is arguably the most honest reflection of the human condition in our quadruple (or is it sextuple?) post-modern world.

After a prolific number of releases on blogs, compilations and their debut self-released EP last fall, the duo of Jacob Mulberry and Zach Zelepsky have now released their first official release on the aforementioned Hyperboloid Records, out today.

Super Dream_sim EP spends far more time exploring lush soundscapes than it does being bombastic. The high energy moments are light, quick footed videogame Juke like the opening track Let’s Go or thrusting club rhythms like in ♡angel♡. The beauty of this EP, though, is the masterful exercise of contrast. Most of the 6 tracks go from blissful, pillowy chill-zones to compulsive, anthemic surges with calculated-yet-effortless grace. It is the composition that shines above all else.

Super Dream_sim is out now as a digital download on Hyperboloid. Stream & purchase it here or below.


Hyperboloid team is very proud to welcome amazing Ba-kuura duo from Atlanta, US to our international family! This EP is something special, perfect summer vibes, that blows your mind and you cannot stop playing it again and again. Ba-kuura take their influence from anime and video games, you can clearly hear it on ‘Super Dream_sim’. This is a dream you dont want to end. Artwork created by Pixelord.




Sage Caswell Ambient Mix for White Light

White Light Mixes have become a very reputable curator of ambient music and their latest mix comes Los Angeles-based producer Sage Caswell. Known more for his infectious House productions, Sage’s White Light mix consists of entirely his own ambient and super-downtempo productions. The vibe is out of this world. Dig in.


“I moved into Apt.103 about a year ago. I quickly discovered that the guy who lives above me wasn’t gonna live with me working on music at loud volumes. I started working on all of these at night when I got home from work and surprisingly didn’t receive any complaints while writing these particular songs. I think I just wanted to make something I could do nothing to. I take a lot of naps and just recently started listening to music while sleeping, I enjoy listening to these songs when I lay down or feel anxious. These songs are a 12 month retrospective of living in Apt.103 Thanks for listening.” – Sage Caswell (USA)


1. Sage Caswell – DM
2. Sage Caswell – Worry Lines
3. Sage Caswell & Pilo – Shut Eye (SC Eyes Shut Dub)
4. Sage Caswell – From Now On
5. Sage Caswell – The Falls
6. Sage Caswell – Major Internet Complexion
7. Sage Caswell – Ice Level / Song 4 My Dogs
8. Sage Caswell – Maybe A Joke Got Serious
9. Sage Caswell – Crushed
10. Sage Caswell – Free Country
11. Sage Caswell & Floyd Campbell – 31514726 (Step 2)

HIGHCAST 59: boi-a-gutz

With his first proper release in 2010, Finland’s Gremino appeared at a crucial time when the first ventures away from Dubstep to Bass Music were getting fleshed out by the likes of Untold, Pearson Sound and Scuba. Along with Cedaa, Mistamen, C.R.S.T, KingThing, HissyFit and Graphics, Gremino was a part of the prolific first year of first generation Bass label Car Crash Set, significantly influencing the newborn Bass music community. Of the 3 releases he dropped in 2010, Shining (along with the Jam City remix on the flip) became an anthem.

2011 saw the wonderful NRG EP but it was 2012 that Gremino became the third release on Kingdom‘s fledgling Night Slugs offshoot, Fade To Mind, with Let’s Jack EP. Aside from a few other releases (including a feature on the Keysound Recordings compilation), 2012 also saw the birth of boi-a-gutz.

Under the boi-a-gutz moniker, Gremino has explored the Juke/Footwork paradigm, finding an affinity for raw, tough and minimalistic 160 BPM drum machine music with a heavy dose of the Roland 303 (known for the source of the unmistakeable Acid House sound). Serving as the official sequel to his debut boi-a-gutz mix last year, HIGHCAST 59 is implicitly designed to posses the spirit of summer, featuring both uplifting & spicy vibes that explore various modern Juke mutations. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Simo P.J. Ulvi


01. traxman – i need some money
02. poohmobil – hello world
03. dj rashad & dj spinn – brighter dayz
04. dj rashad – everyday of my life (feat dj phil)
05. dj earl – wtf?!? life sent it up
06. dj rashad – we trippy mane (feat dj spinn)
07. atb – 9pm (til I come) (dj paypal remix)
08. albion – air (footmerc remix)
09. boi-a-gutz – detroit style
10. paul van dyk – for an angel (gash & simtek remix)
11. gremino – trance ur feet
12. kode 9 – time patrol (shake it maschine remix)
13. dj rashad – don’t drop it
14. boi-a-gutz – 160 #5
15. deltüñzone bros – letz do it!!
16. sarantis – nice to c
17. mark pritchard – soundboy fuck off
18. london’s most wanted – girls dem want it (mark kloud edit)
19. fishstix – blown away
20. dj jean – the launch (my life extra ldn 94 remix)
21. taso x dj rashad x dj spinn – luchini VIP
22. traxman – lady dro
23. fragma – toca’s miracle (ticklish reboot)
24. gremino – “trancework2″




PREMIERE: Thunderbird Juicebox & Kola VI – Low Low

Philadelphia’s Seclusiasis records (run by North American bass music legends Starkey and Dev79) can always be depended on to deliver fresh club-ready music from both rising new talent and (under-appreciated) regional legends. The two old friends have carried the torch for North America the world over, transcending genre and trends, all under the banner of Street Bass: a reflection of the rawness of both city life and unrestrained creativity.

Carrying on with their pioneering ways, they’re set to drop the SEVENTH edition of their Street Bass Anthems compilation series at the end of this month and we’re lucky enough to get to premiere this fervent, hybrid Bmore stomper from Baltimore stalwarts Thunderbird Juicebox and Kola VI

DOWNLOAD: V/A – Anime Club Vol. 002

While there are a quite a few free compilations that have dropped recently (many of which we will be posting about over the coming weeks as we play catch up), when it comes to the internet-based hyper-transmutation of the crosslands between Bass, Club, Juke and Trap, the recently formed Anime Club has got their fingers so close to the pulse they’re essentially massaging the culture’s prostate.

Last week they dropped the second edition of their Anime Club compilation series. A healthy 13 tracks come together to create a polyscopic vision of the realm’s current state. Cultural artifacts are more fleeting than ever and, consequently, not every song on Anime Club Vol. 002 is necessarily a winner. But cuts from the likes of Seablaze, Krimslo, Ba-kuura, Machine Girl, Lil Mystic and OBJECTIVEϟ most definitely are.


After throwing his weight around on his recent HIGHCAST mix and sufficiently demonstrating a keen ear for the quick footed 80/160 BPM arena, Ohio’s Skubi wanted to show us that he has a real gentle side too.

A beautiful gift, Low Key is a heavily chilled snapper that arrives at the perfect time. Not only is the song a perfect tool for romanticizing summertime, but it contains everything that promising about the recent trend of fusing Downtempo & Trap (dubbed “Chill Trap” by payola site with none of the detractive, generic cheese. It’s a winner, is what I’m trying to say. Download it below and tell someone you love them today.

DOWNLOAD: Ness – I Paid My Dues EP

Slowly checking off my overdue to-blog list, one of the more interesting free downloads of late comes from London-based producer Ness. Effortlessly sliding between RnBass, bouncy Club and blissed-out Juke, I Paid My Dues EP is only made extra fun by its clever use of classic RnB and Hip Hop vocal cuts. The winning factor, ultimately, is the catchy melodies crafted with clean, effervescent sounds.

Snag it below (or here) in exchange for an email address, courtesy of White Colours.


It’s been a while since we hadn’t such an eclectic release on White Colours. Ness brings all the best of today’s electronic music in 5 tracks. You can find influences from so many genres that it would be a real pain in the ass to list them all. So just have a listen to feel what we mean. What we prefer is that you can dance and chill out while listening to this EP. The best ? It’s that it works for every track.


Truly, attempts to describe the music of SELA. by various press outlets always results in a sort of accidental poetry. The only means to articulate the unique soundscapes and transcendental power contained within the 20 year old Northern Californian’s music is to default to deep, rich, often lush language. And this is for a reason.

The young producer is potently prolific (with 25 releases on his/bandcamp since 2011), flirting with both nostalgic atmospheres and calculated ambient orchestrations in ever-shifting ways. It is a realm of music that may not appear terribly complex to the casual listener yet is notoriously difficult to pull off with a demonstrable grace. And SELA. does it consistently. The latest bout coming in the form of his debut LP for Japanese label flau entitled Anniversary.

And while SELA.’s HIGHCAST may be a quick 30 minutes, it is mighty. He explores vast textures and unexpected routings, maintaining a nearly avant-garde poetic framework and self-identifying his position in greater fold. Enjoy.


  1. ?????????????????
  2. Muster – ease off
  3. Sentinel – gear
  4. Rollrgrrl – DIVORCE
  5. t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 – lost love 再び一緒に
  6. DJ Finn – My Ringone
  7. DJ Frankie – R.I.P EJ Paxtown 71st 2010
  9. DJ Roc – Get Your Back Off The Wall
  10. DJ Footmerc – Hello- Isley Brothers [Footmerc Edit]
  11. DJ Roc – Don’t Get Boxed Out
  12. DJ Rashad – ???????????
  13. DJ D Man – Bootycall
  14. rtrspcth – YP
  15. Tuamie – Reston, VA
  16. sStarr – Da.NighMuv
  17. Sir Froderick x Ohbliv – ThisHeart
  18. selfish. – .now-here
  19. Lil B – Shoot A Gun




Wallwork & RZR Mix for Big Up Magazine

For having just dropped their debut EP earlier this week on Infinite Machine, British duo Wallwork & RZR have managed to rustle quite a few feathers.

Their straight forward, steel jawline techno does not need much explanation. A quick listen makes the point pretty clear. But their latest mix (and interview) for Big Up Magazine paints a clear picture for where they fit in our culture at large. Dive in.


1. Ayarcana – Struggle is Real
2. Marco Shuttle – Vox Attitude (Pangea Remix)
3. Jam City – Worst Illusion
4. Bambounou – Capsule Process
5. Circula – Blunt
6. Kommune 1 – Motus
7. Beaka- In Disguise
8. 2ndSun – Pussy Cat
9. Foba – Boss White Boy
10. Trap Door – Chaka
11.TSVI – Gold Cave
12. Inkke – Power Venom
13. Wallwork & RZR – Keep on Going
14. Wallwork & RZR – Mad Techno Invasion
15. Seapoint – Triangle Optics
16. Djrum – Dam (Akkord Remix)
17. Tessela – Gateway
18. Wallwork & RZR – The 361

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Pixelord – Sinking Ship (ft. Fifi Rong)

Pixelord‘s forthcoming EP on Infinite Machine is one of the most maddening, insane collections of compositions you may ever encountered. It is a confoundingly euphoric and baffling experience. And I say this in earnest.

To celebrate the July 28th release of Polygon Fane EP on Infinite Machine (complete with remixes by Thomas White, Druid Cloak, Curl Up and Seafloor), we have the honor of giving away Sinking Ship featuring the amazing Fifi Rong. Cut from the Russian producer’s most recent EP on his own Hyperboloid Records, Sinking Ship is intoxicating, recalling the euphoric vibes of late 90s electronica, with saxophones, tablas, bleeps & bloops echoing around Fifi’s smokey vocals and the warm, soothing bass.

Make sure to snag Pixelord’s ultimate manifesto Polygon Fane EP on July 28th.