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WATCH: Sage Caswell – Amber Gloss / Making Out

Up to now, Archie Pelago Music has been reserved for strictly Archie Pelago music. But now, the Brooklyn-based Jazz-informed trio have open the doors and are releasing a new EP from their good friend and Body High/Peach affiliate Sage Caswell. With Good To See You / To Be Continued due out November 2nd, Sage & Archie have premiered the music video for Amber Gloss / Making Out over at FACT Mag in all of its wild, psychedelic glory.

DJ IRK – Unlimited Juice EP. 1: How Was Your Summer

UK’s DJ Irk is by no means a stranger to this site, appearing in our old J’aime Le Dubstep mix series and again later on for his Irked Vol. 12 mix. The Scratch/Breaks/Hip Hop master has been the winner of Best Guest Mix of the Year TWICE on Solid Steel Radio (operated by Ninja Tune founders) and now returns with a proper “summer isn’t really over, is it?” mix.


  1. Luis Bacalov – Summertime Killer (Quartet Records)
  2. Stagga – The Stripped Down Beard (Self-released)
  3. Amon Tobin – Technique (Self-released)
  4. Funkadelic – Get Off Your Ass And Jam (Westbound Records)
  5. Afrolicious – California Dreaming (Afrolicious Music)
  6. Hugo – Hip Bop (Goodvibe Records)
  7. aKido – Paper Chase (Synthamesk Remix) (Nordique Records)
  8. DJ Nu-Mark – Oya’ Indebure (Instrumental) (Hot Plate Records)
  9. I Am Legion – Warp Speed Thuggin’ (Division)
  10. Floating Points – Shark Chase (Eglo Records)
  11. Photek – One Of A Kind (feat. Breakage & Veronika Coassolo) (Photek Productions)
  12. Dobie – Snap, Crackle & Pop (Big Dada Recordings)
  13. Amon Tobin – Hey Mr. Tree (Self-released)
  14. Herve – Polar Bear (Cheap Thrills)
  15. MGNY – My World (Mob Serenade Remix Dub) (Sultra Recordings)
  16. Letherette – Restless (Jimmy Edgar Remix) (Ninja Tune)
  17. Daniel J. White – Boxe Et Violence (Editions Montparnasse 2000)
  18. Skream – Rollercoaster (Hrdvsion Remix) (Ammunition Promotions)
  19. Calibro 35 – The Butcher’s Bride (Record Kicks)
  20. Ikebe Shakedown – Hard steppin’ (Colemine Records)
  21. The Diplomats – I Can Give You Love (Dynamo Records)
  22. Mladen Milicevic – I Will (Wiseau Films)
  23. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On (Tamla Motown)
  24. Madchild – Kill Kill Kill (Battle Axe/Suburban Noize Records)
  25. Busta Rhymes – Keep It Movin’ (Feat. Leaders Of The New School) (Elektra Entertainment)
  26. Killer Mike – Reagan (Williams Street Records)
  27. Montgomery Clunk – Green Tower (Error Broadcast)
  28. Om Unit – Wicker And Pearl (Civil Music)
  29. Emperor - Jackhammer (Inspected Records)
  30. Linda Lyndell – What A Man (Volt)
  31. Black Sun Empire & Eye D – Brainfreeze (Neonlight Remix) (Blackout Music NL)
  32. Lee Bannon – Nw/Wb (Ninja Tune)
  33. Noisia – Hyenas ft. Calyx & TeeBee (Vision Recordings)
  34. Taxman – Your House (Playaz Recordings)


A quick listen to Brooklyn’s YMNO and you’ll notice his command of music belies his social media numbers. While the YMNO moniker is a relatively new development, the man responsible has been a behind-the-scenes powerhouse for some time now, working with the likes of Trey Songz, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Raekwon, Immortal Technique and the list just goes on and on. The talent necessary to rep such a resume is impossible to fake.

And, such talent can never be contained. Slowly, over the last year, YMNO has begun to reveal himself through calculated remixes and bootlegs (including the official Doja Cat remix above). Now, it seems, he is stepping out, making music for himself, flexing his storied Hip Hop background to produce lush, invigorating numbers that boom on the low and melt on the high.

With dangerous originals & collaborations en route, this HIGHCAST serves as a primer, if you will—a lubricant. Showcasing his inherently eclectic taste, HIGHCAST 68, we’ve been told, contains a healthy amount of exclusives and previews of future blessings. As such, the tracklist has been omitted. Despite that, this is arguably our best HIGHCAST to date. Enjoy.




GrimeZone has instigated a War

The (very) underground outlet (and Facebook group) GrimeZone has built a community of extremely passionate producers and DJs that believe, above all else, in the power of Grime and it’s increasingly unique cultural makeup. After the immense popularity of the Grime War last fall amongst the genre’s heavy hitters, GrimeZone took it upon itself to not only bring the war back, but this time with a little organization (including public voting and proper tournament-style brackets) & a focus on up & coming producers.

With voting for Round One opening today, producers are already flexing as hard as they can, with Tessier-Ashpool Recordings’ Spurz facing off against INTERSCAPE RECORDS LTD’s Lars Warn, The Kid Vicious against Wumpa Fruit and Zgjim against College Hill.

Head over to to cast your votes.

The Main Event #NYC – Week of Oct 13th

Once upon a time, we maintained a weekly roundup of exciting parties happening the forthcoming week. And henceforth we shall resume said roundup, introducing coverage of New York City parties. So for the week of October 13th, those in the New York City area can look forward to:


My Party

TALENT: Me (The Orator) & mayyyyyybe some guests
SOUND: House & Club
PRICE: FREE (Get Drunk)


TALENT:: Gorgon City / Henry Krinkle / Lazaro Casanova / Panic Bomber
SOUND: House & Bass
LOCATION: Verboten
PRICE: $25-$30


Popgun presents Rone

TALENT: Rone, Thug Entrancer, Photay
SOUND: Experimental Bass
LOCATION: Glasslands
PRICE: $12 ADV / $15 DOS


MeanRed & GBH present Alesia & Flacons

TALENT: Alesia, Falcons, Tanner Caldwell
SOUND: Trap / Club
PRICE: $15-$20

Subverse-NYC & Low End NYC

SOUND: Dubstep
PRICE: $15-$25


Zola Jesus

TALENT: Zola Jesus, Martin Rev (of Suicide), Lee Bannon at Webster Hall
LOCATION: Webster Hall

HIGHCAST 67: DJ Rueckert

The internet, oh the internet. We sing it praises with regards to its effect on cultural development in nearly every post. But while we talk of the inspirational cross-pollination it instigates, we rarely speak on how it has enabled those with a keen ear and impeccable taste to become formidable tastemakers. Through colonizing Facebook groups, reposting vehemently on Soundcloud, maintaing playlists on Spotify, (oh, and blogs) the impassioned individual today has unparalleled means to gather those that are like-minded and extend their vision of quality music through good ol’ fashion community.

One such individual is DJ Rueckert. Stuck in south central Pennsylvania, the maven consumes an unholy amount of music (even from our perspective) and has channeled his energy into various outfits, elevating himself to self-made internet-based tastemaker. With the success of the Facebook group (and now brand) Classical Trax hellbent on intense innovation in various forms of electronic music, he has come to start the label Paradise Rhythm (of which we have written about before) and guesting words of analysis & wisdom from time to time on various respectable outlets such as TRUANTS and Mishka.

As a man with such deep cultural pockets, we felt a certain obligation to have him flex curative muscles. As such, we present you HIGHCAST 67 from DJ Rueckert. Prepare for quite the ride.


  1. Phil Collins – Sussudio (Tarquin Booty)
  2. Kw Griff – Phil Collins
  3. DJ Dizzy – Throw That Inna Circle
  4. Hi$to – Don’t Start No Shit
  5. Cirqa – Feeling Like feat Divoli
  6. Krizzli – Hotel Lemonade
  7. JGB feat Kelela – Construct (Georgia Girls Chopped Edit)
  8. Lotic – Sobhead
  9. Split Saber – Say My name 2 hot
  10. Rushmore – Air Trax 90
  11. Sexworker – Driller
  12. Nunu – Lax
  13. DJ Mujava – Mugwanti (Dreams Remake)
  14. Deliity – Venturian
  15. Jam City & Mickey Pearce – Worst Illusions (Lemonick Edit)
  16. Ofisboy – Not Like It Seems (Pitcheno Remix)
  17. Ursula – Epilogues (Morten HD Refix)
  18. Blastah and Sexworker – Boo vs Gas Leak
  19. Korma – Sky Hook
  20. ay mane – Tower Block Riddim
  21. Hulo – Pleasure On The Hill

The Main Event #NYC – Week of Oct 6th

Once upon a time, we maintained a weekly roundup of exciting parties happening the forthcoming week. And henceforth we shall resume said roundup, introducing coverage of New York City parties. So for the week of September 15th, those in the New York City area can look forward to:


MeanRed presents The Bug & Actress

TALENT: The Bug & Manga / Actress / Aurora Halal
SOUND: Experimental Bass & Techno
PRICE: $25

Roots NYC

TALENT: Louie Vega / Kevin Hedge
SOUND: Chicago House

Thursday & paxico records present PRADA MANE

TALENT: Prada Mane / Wiki / Every X Jiiiiim / War Of Icaza / Yung Aol X Lord Sms
SOUND: #sadboi Hip Hop
LOCATION: Palisades


Echo Chamber Vol. 5

TALENT: Om Unit / DJ Madd / Dave Q / Jah Life
SOUND: Bass, Drum & Bass, Dubstep
LOCATION: The Paperbox
PRICE: $15-$20

Verboten presents Claptone

TALENT: Claptone / Rüfüs Du Sol [Live] / Affkt / Hermitude
SOUND: House
LOCATION: Verboten
PRICE: $33.75


The Long Count presents Jus-Ed

TALENT: Jus-Ed / Scallywag / Blacklauren
SOUND: House
LOCATION: Bossa Nova Civic Club
PRICE: Free Before Midnight, $10 After


Kolekti: Pumpkin Spice Edition

TALENT: Iron Curtis/ Archie Pelago (Live)/ Noël Jackson/ Corey Baker/ Lukas Bonaventura
SOUND: House, Downtempo, Jazz
LOCATION: The Roof at Output
PRICE: $10-$20

PREMIERE: Super Magic Hats – Lily

Seattle’s Hush Hush Records have been on a steady climb the last 2 years with their unique brand of downtempo, easily escaping to more experimental fields in a time where downtempo is fairly dominated by the RnBass of Soulection, HW&W, et al. The power of Hush Hush, though, is in the diversity that label founder (and KEXP badass) Alex Ruder manages to pull together. While every release is notably different from the rest, it is a sense of beauty that binds them together.

Released earlier this week, Super Magic Hat‘s Kumori EP does not buck this trend, twisting familiar electronica (and, occasionally, Chillwave motifs as in Coastline above, free from XLR8R) with powerful, effective composition that weaves between sublime and engaging. The second cut, Lily, (which we have the honor of premiering) manages to be both simultaneously. A little more upbeat than the rest of the EP (as well as the shortest track), Lily ebb & flows like a wave, with Kumori‘s signature bells and ambience soothing you while its bright synth work pushes you. This duality of truly chill vibes that do anything but woo you to sleep seems to be a challenge Super Magic Hats gave itself. I think they won.

Kumori is available NOW on limited edition cassette and as a digital download from Hush Hush Records.





Super Magic Hats is the musical alias of Melbourne-via-London electronic musician Rob Masterton. Named after the Japanese word for “cloudy,” Kumori marks his second EP of expansive beats, absorbing samples, and lush textures. Elements of downtempo, post-dubstep, ambient, glitch-hop, chillwave, and post-rock are touched upon; and while Kumori never falls easily into one specific style, the EP carries a confident, cohesive aesthetic throughout. Opening track “Slopes” features vocal contributions from frequent collaborator Bonnie Morrison, her voice skillfully chopped and layered atop a warm, spacious, dynamic production that spotlights Masterton’s affinity for bright-sounding toy instruments. This immersive combination aptly setsKumori’s tone with a gauzy, welcoming sound that is simultaneously soothing and euphoric. Elsewhere, “Lily” boasts a deceptively complex rhythm, adding a kinetic pulse and EP closers “Coastline” and “Kumori Day” place Masterton’s guitar skills more upfront in the mix, with the latter track seamlessly blending in a glitch-hop touch that harkens back to the early creations of Prefuse 73 and Machinedrum as well as the influential sounds of early 2000s record labels Merck + Neo Ouija. The limited-run cassette tape version of the Kumori EP features two exclusive tracks, “A Different Ocean” and a cover of Kitty’s “BrB.”




EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Split Saber – Pivot (Gundam Remix)

As Grime continues to flirt with North American club sounds, its sense of community seems to be remaining in tact. As the new generation becomes gradually more comfortable with having to forge their own paradigm of how music communities exist and distribute, labels have increasingly become collectives, offering the tribalistic comforts once dependent on temporal origins. An example of this new wave of netlabels & collectives is Oneshot Selection.

Run by the young French producer Mamboussa, Oneshot Selection debuted strong in August with a slab of finely cut club constructions from Nunu that were equally utilitarian as they were teasingly tempered.

Now, with their second release due on October 20th, Oneshot Selection has given us Gundam‘s minimalistic DJ tool remix to give away. While not a full club flex, the remix lets the classic Grime motifs sit in a shallow lake of negative space and cold bass. Enjoy.