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Brooklyn’s Ateller is not waiting for the rest of us to get out of his way. The young producer born Avishai Rozen just released his debut EP via Altered Scope, exploring a vast valley of dark tones, ominous narratives, lush textures and impeccable compositions that borrow from Hip Hop, RnBass & Downtempo while effectively remaining in its own territory.

Despite all that, Ateller just sent us this brand new, booming club construction (not from the aforementioned EP) that maintains his dark & lush nature but underlines it with the bombastic snap of Trap. To giveaway for free. To you. Enjoy.

Ateller – Finding EP

Buy Finding EP for $1 here.

DOWNLOAD: Ookami Collection

We point you in the direction of a lot of fine, free material. Often they are compilations: a crucial vehicle for artists to rally together and collectively raise attention for their musical cause in a day & age defined by its ceaseless over-saturation.

But, of all the compilations we have lauded on these pages, MOTO Made‘s Ookami Collection, released yesterday, stands fiercely on top, sans hype & hyperbole. The 10 track compilation is a diverse exercise in comforting textures and engaging melodies within a hyper-relevant framework of RnBass and chilled Trap. The music is utterly, supremely sublime. I could extrapolate ad infinitum and throw a near-endless supply of adjectives at you, but I really don’t need to. Every track is recommended, dive in. Download it here.

PREMIERE: HYDRABADD – Gemillennia (ft. Ba-kuura)

We’ve spoken well of HYDRABADD a few times here. The Atlanta-based duo have remained steadfast in their dedication to their unique brand of truly triumphant Bass Music that fuses the bombastic nature of their homeland’s fervent Southern Hip Hop scene, the irresistible rhythms of North American club music and the glistening, cosmic lushness of (what can only be called) Internet music.

With their 5th EP, Astral Mirage, set to drop this coming Tuesday as Name-Your-Own-Price download (and on USB, more details below), they’ve been slowly leaking teasers. First, Earmilk debuted the title track earlier this week and, now, we’re set to premiere the stunningly beautiful collaborative track with fellow Tomahawk Chop Squad members Ba-kuura entitled Gemillennia. (You may remember Ba-kuura from our compilation SAMSARA Vol. 1).

Astral Mirage drops Tuesday, August 19th on Limited Gold Bar Discography Flash Drives (pictured below) as well as a Name-Your-Pice via HYDRABADD’s Bandcamp store.



  1. Gemillennia wt. Ba-kuura
  2. Astral Mirage ft. Abra
  3. Ghillie Ghost wt. Krimslo
  4. Intentional Stance wt. Emerald Soul
  5. Orbital Collision ft. Slowriter





One might not expect the gorgeous coastal city of Riga, Latvia to be fertile grounds for propulsive, booty-centric club music. But then there is Ervins Rungis. Producing and DJing under the name E:91 since 2008, the young Latvian has found a taste for cheeky booty bass (not unlike the tongue-in-cheek nature of Top Billin). So much so that his Juicy J flip found itself in Crooker’s mix for OWSLA at the end of last year.

As a site that can be said to over-intellectualize music culture, we actually have a soft spot for not-so-serious, fun songs. When’s the last time you dropped a song at the club ironically? So when E:91 sent us this epic, brassy flip of the Knight Rider theme, we couldn’t say no. Enjoy.

Untold Releases “Echo In The Valley” Mixtape

Comprised entirely of original (ambient) productions, iconic producer and label boss Untold has dropped what is essentially a free album of new material a mere 6 months after releasing his debut LP, Black Light Spiral. After making a name for himself producing wild, rich & innovative tracks during the early days of Bass Music and heading the venerable Hemlock Recordings, Black Light Spiral was an alarmingly-smooth foray into dark, apocalyptical experiments in fringe Techno.

Echo In The Valley, like the name hints, is extremely more tempered and ambient in comparison. The darkness still lurks, but without confrontation. The hour long mixtape is available as a single MP3 for free here. Or you could purchase the split-track album in lossless quality here.


With his recent contribution to the Phuture Shock Muzik’s mini-compilation Excursions, we felt it was about time to key you into Bristol producer OPR8.

By no means a new player in the game, the 51°27’ club night resident DJ appeared on the scene in 2011 and has done well to maintain Bristol’s knack for coloring outside of the stylistic lines. While not prolific in his output, over the years OPR8 has displayed strength in producing Hip Hop, UK Funky, UK Garage and a wide array of House permutations.

For HIGHCAST 62, OPR8 extends that habit of freeform coloring, straddling the line between Bass and House and giving plenty of room to fellow Bristonians like Behling & Simpson, Shanti Celeste and Borai as well as legends like Mr Fingers and Four Tet. It kicks off with his brooding piece with Autumn Music from Excursions (read his explanation of the track over at Earmilk)


1. OPR8 feat Autumn Music – Call To Riddle
2. Burial – Ashtray Wasp
3. Da Stern – The Exchange
4. Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX Remix)
5. Lily – Machine Dreams
6. Four Tet – For these Times
7. Behling & Simpson – Where The Oh’s
8. Rachael – Kung Funk
9. Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It
10. Borai – Does It Bother You?
11. Shanti Celeste – Result
12. Bass Clef – Faster Than The Speed Of Love
13. Trevino – Derelict
14. Blunt Instruments – Hold Back








This summer marks the inception of ‘EXCURSIONS’ – an extension of the Phuture Shock Musik imprint, and the first in a series of ‘anything goes’ musical experiments.

The new sub label intends to act as an outlet for artists from the PSM camp (amongst others) , that allows the creative freedom to showcase their more leftfield works – where less emphasis is on the dance-floor and more focus on the endless possibilities of musical exploration, whilst maintaining a forward-thinking ethos.

Each release under the ‘EXCURSIONS’ banner will be exclusive to vinyl only, and highly limited to 300 copies – with the maiden 12” being pressed on an alluring slab of red transparent wax.
The first volume features 4 brand new cuts – one apiece courtesy of; Bristol-based producer – OPR8, fellow Bristolian beatsmith – Psyah, the ever elusive Roof Light from the outskirts of London, and Detroit’s on-the-rise talent – Appian.

The opening number sets the mood in true Bristol fashion with OPR8 blurring the lines between misty dub and 80’s dream pop a la ‘Mezzanine’-era Massive Attack on ‘Call To Fiddle’ – which features the folky tones of local songbird Autumn music aka Rosi Croom. Psyah returns to the fold following a mysterious absence with ‘The Coolidge Effect’, an off-kilter R&B jam that marries woozy synth-chords with understated 808’s and interposed melodic hooks. The B side enters further surreal territory – first up with a brief moment of warped lo-fi tropicalia from Roof Light entitled ‘Gal Costa’s Headband’ – seemingly paying homage to the Brazilian songstress highlighted within the tracks title, while the mesmerising ‘If Only’ inhabits the final grooves, where Appian is left to his own devices – conjuring a gauzy cloud of sound dust, that develops into something that may very well be the sound of robots making babies.

DOWNLOAD: Suplington – Risky Remixes

A little less than a year ago, Cult Classic Records introduced the young British talent Suplington with the 8 track downtempo LP Risky Times. Despite his youth, Suplington has a keen ear for relaxed atmospheres and has a natural talent for restrained-yet-robust composition.

Drawing heavily from the Jazz and Hip Hop indebted downtempo of Bonobo and others from the Ninja Tune camp, his recent productions have shown incredible growth with a penchant for exploring more tense and (at times) darker territory while also tipping his hat toward the UK pantheon of Bass music as well as the most experimental movements in contemporary downtempo (snag Escapism below from XLR8R for an example).

With his next EP, Tokyo Reflections, slated for a release on the yet-unannounced Youngbloods label at the end of this year, Suplington has surprised us with a hearty collection of remixes from his Risky Times mini-album. Featuring 6 cuts from likewise fresh talent, the remix collection does well to break up the vibe of the original tracks. Most explore more spacious & broken interpretations of the originals, with the exception being Soulcheeba‘s UK Bass House thumper take on Lack Of Definition (a highlight track, for sure). Grab it for free below (or head over here)

Win 2 Tickets to Julio Bashmore at RINSED NYC – Friday August 8th

As craftsmen of exciting and high quality events, RINSED have earned their reputation. Continuing in that fashion, tomorrow they will be importing the British DJ and producer Julio Bashmore, known for the likes of Battle For Middle You and Au Seve (the latter of which he stole from two Austrian producers).

In spite of the show being nearly sold out, we have the pleasure of offering two tickets to tomorrow’s party for one lucky winner. Follow the instructions below to enter.


For those of you in the New York City area or those intending on visiting this weekend we’re offering up TWO free tickets with your name on it (travel not included, sorry). To enter simply click the link for either of your preferred social networks and follow the instructions:


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The contest ends this TOMORROW, Friday, August 8th at 6pm EST. The winner will be contacted via whichever social network they entered. You must be 21 years of age or older to enter. Winner’s name will be added to the guestlist with a +1 and must provide a government-issued ID at the door in order to claim their tickets


A few $30 tickets are left but not for long. You can get them HERE.

RSVP on Facebook


New York City, NY


EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD: Scottylib – A Stranger’s Temptation

We love quality instrumental Hip Hop. We get High on Beats. So it is with a great pleasure that we introduce to the world Bay area beatsmith/photographer Scottylib. With only 15 followers on Soundcloud and most every track in the low double digits for plays, we felt it was our duty to turn eyes and ears towards Scotty Liberatore. There’s nothing particularly innovative about Scottylib’s vinyl-sourced, MPC-made beats, but they make you feel warm inside in the best way possible. They’re just downright good.

So grab the download below for A Stranger’s Temptation and then head over to his Soundcloud, hit the follow button, and download all the 7 other free downloads.

A WORD FROM scottylib

My name is Scotty Liberatore (ScottyLib). I’m from Somerville, MA and currently reside in San Francisco, CA. I don’t have a formal background in playing music but grew up heavily influenced by east coast hip hop and sample based producers. I solely use an MPC 1000 and none of my beats ever go through a computer program (Logic, Fruity Loops ect.). Everything is also sample from vinyl. My blog is, Its 100% original Analog photography/beats. Thanks!

DOWNLOAD: Lux Familiar – Visionary EP

We’ve often spoken about our affinity for the global dissemination of Juke and Footwork. It is a rare case of the original ethos and their progenitors maintaining high stature within a cultural movement after wide-spread dissemination. Rather, ignorant appropriation is more common.

One camp we’ve turned to several times to help demonstrate all this, the Polish Juke collective, has recently come correct once again.

Lux Familiar‘s 6 track Visionary EP is, of all Polish Juke releases, the one that arguably pays closest homage to the original Chicago styles. Tracks like Let’s Get Dirty keep it simple with Redman vocal loop over booming pitched toms that eventually giveaway to soothing pads. Sweet Fantasy reflects the Soul music edits that comprised much of early Juke. All in all, not a single track on this EP disappoints. Grab it for FREE here (or below)


Lux Familiar was one of the producers who made it to the first Ghosts Traxx compilation from the Polish Juke collective made up of enthusiasts inspired by Chicago footwork and juke from. So far the leading names associated with the 160 bpm tempo were mainly Symbiotic Sounds, Fidser, Musley, Miko and COMOC. Lux Familiar’s debut EP, ‘Visionary’, undoubtedly introduces his name to the group.

The EP starts with ‘Dance Sucka’ track, which is organized around footwork-jungle groove and recurring ‘Dance sucka!’, ‘Move sucka!’ samples. As a result we are getting a ‘battle track’ in European style. ‘U Wnt Mr’, on the other hand, brings on sunny pulsating stretched around a crudely incised ‘more’ word. ‘Let’s Get Dirty’ is heralding another change. One can detect a clear inspiration with DJ Rashad’s tracks, in which an ultra-energetic vibe gets mixed with a moment of warm breath and melancholy. The title track, ‘Visionary’, is kept in similar spirit – nervously jumping bass drum is soothed with a sudden change of tempo and hip-hop beat in the second part. The two final tracks, ‘Sweet Fantasy’ and ‘Take Me’, are a true show off from Lux Familiar. He manages to perfectly balance energy and emotions without getting banal about it.

After COMOC’s dark and experimental ‘Action Canceled’ EP, Lux Familiar’s ‘Visionary’ is a completely new phenomenon – very descriptive, rich in melody and warm sounds. The EP can make Lux instantaneously one of the best-recognized and key characters of the local juke/footwork scene.

DOWNLOAD: G Jones – Ring The Alarm EP

G Jones is by no means a stranger to the HighOnBeats camp. Neither is the pioneering German label he calls home: Saturate Records. The gritty, bombastic, glitch-infested, Hip Hop-indebted signature sound of Saturate Records has been blowing up the internets long before Trap was a modern EDM phenomenon and has introduced us to a number of heavyweights as they just got their start (such as Krampfhaft, heRobust, Subp Yao and, our current hero, G Jones).

Ring The Alarm maintains G Jones impressive stature of immersive, high-flown Bass. In a overly homogenized Trap scene, the 9 track EP does extremely well to avoid the generic tricks and manages to stay increasingly fresh as it progesses. Download it for FREE below or pre-order the limited edition 7″ vinyl here.