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EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Thundaklap – Never Gonna Ask Myself

Later this week, on Thursday the 18th, the Russian label and collective Beryoza (whom we have spoken about before) will drop a 5-track EP from the enigmatic Russian duo Thundaklap. Who is Thundaklap? Good question. According to the press release:

This mysterious duo comes from cold and distant city of Novosibirsk. Although it’s their debut EP, they are not newcomers. Formerly known as More Strobelights and Vaomm they’ve been innovating local club scene and DJing with their solo projects on local parties and radio shows since 2010.

Despite the duos relatively quiet existence to-date, the music says more than enough. The 3 originals contained within Turn Down The Lights EP borrow some throwback UK Hardcore vibes, rave synths and delicious breaks but frame them in a decidedly modern fashion, effectively removing any latent nostalgia they may trigger and putting the entire focus on their bombastic, peak-hour utility. On remix duty is the Hungarian producer ZOLAA as well as a collaborative effort between Beryoza head honchos Raumskaya & (the increasingly popular) Gillepsy.

In our continued support for the global dissemination of modern dance music derivations, we’re proud to offer up for free download Never Gonna Ask Myself, the first cut from Thundaklap’s Turn Down The Lights EP and the most outright modern of the 3. Enjoy.

Dial This Number To Download An Unreleased Shlohmo Song

Today the #based LA beat legend Shlohmo & his home label WeDidIt dropped a music video directed by Sus Boy & Austin Peters for his old remix of Jeremiah Jae’s F You All The Time. While the music is most excellent, the real treasure is in the link provided by dialing the number on the screen: an unreleased exclusive flip of Soul II Soul from Shlohmo himself, for free.

The Main Event #NYC – Week of Sept 15th

Once upon a time, we maintained a weekly roundup of exciting parties happening the forthcoming week. And henceforth we shall resume said roundup, introducing coverage of New York City parties. So for the week of September 15th, those in the New York City area can look forward to:


Deep Space presents: Dawn of Midi performing “Dysnomia” LIVE

TALENT: Dawn of Midi, Francois K.
SOUND: Danceable Avant-Garde Awesomeness
LOCATION:Cielo (Meatpacking District, Manhattan)
PRICE: Free before 11pm
[Ed. Note: "Dysnomia" was my #4 album of 2013, as seen here]


Night Slugs Presents: Machine Dance NYC

TALENT: L-Vis 1990, MikeQ, Leif (DJ Set) & Jubilee
SOUND: Mutated Club
LOCATION: Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC
PRICE: Free with RSVP


You’re A Melody

TALENT: Floating Points, Love On The Run
SOUND: Downtempo / House
LOCATION: Output (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
PRICE: $10 – $12


Hyperdub Records 10 Year Anniversary

TALENT: Kode9, Mala, DJ Spinn B2B Taso, Ikonika, Scratcha Dva, Jubilee, Star Eyes
SOUND: Bass, Grime, Dubstep, Club, OH MY!
LOCATION: Verboten (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
PRICE: Limited $15 Presale


TALENT: Midland, Jimmy Edgar, T. Williams, Cranks
SOUND: Bass & House
LOCATION: Output (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
PRICE: $15 – $25


The Bunker

TALENT: Andy Stott, Demdike Stare, Millie & Andrea, Function & Vatican Shadow, Ulysses
SOUND: Experimental Bass & Experimental House
LOCATION: Output (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
PRICE: Limited $15 Presale

DISCWOMAN: Charity Event Celebrating Women in Electronic Music

TALENT: Lauren Flax, Shannon Funchess, Lauren Dillard, Volvox, Ana Lola Roman, L Sangre, Beta Librae, Amber Valentine, Ciarra Black, Ariele Max, Bonnie Danger, Hannah Daly
SOUND: Eclectic (House, Downtempo, Synth Pop, etc.)
LOCATION: Bossa Nova Civic Club (Bushwick, Brooklyn)
PRICE: Free (Charity Event)


S!ck Magic

TALENT: The Hacker, Untold, Helix, Hank Jackson, Octo Octa, Volvox, Thomaϟ, Blacksheep, Rezzie
SOUND: Experimental Bass & Club
LOCATION: 88 Palace (Chinatown, Manhattan)
PRICE: $15 – $25


TALENT: Homemade Weapons, Dara
SOUND: Drum & Bass, Dubstep
LOCATION: TBA Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
PRICE: $10 – $20

Purple Tape Pedigree x AdHoc Late Night

TALENT: DWMS5, Logos, Dubbel Dutch, Lil Jabba, EZRakh + Sugur Shane (live performance)
SOUND: Grime, Vogue, Club
LOCATION: Palisades (Bushwick, Brooklyn)
PRICE: $10


Sunday Brunch: Push The Night

TALENT: Robert Babicz [LIVE], Lucca Mentone, Christian Voldstad
SOUND: House, Deep House
LOCATION: Verboten (Noon – 8pm)

RINSED: Seasick Pt II

TALENT: Krystal Klear, Paul Raffaele, Dan Wender, Blacky II
SOUND: House
LOCATION: Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
PRICE: $20 Presale

PREMIERE: Morten_HD – ¦¦||¦| ䷷ Sojourning (旅 lǚ)

This Wednesday the 17th, digital collective Classical Trax and fresh-faced label Paradise Rhythm are set to release Mutant Trax Vol. 1, a FREE 10-track compilation highlighting the increasingly amorphous mutations of instrumental Grime music, as the UK incarnation makes its global rounds through the hyper-transmutative internet.

Check out the opening cut from prolific Norwegian producer Morten_HD here, ahead of release.

Diggin In The Carts: The Rise of Videogame Music

This past Thursday, Red Bull Music Academy debuted an incredible new series that explores the profound impact and pervasive influence of videogame music, with a new segment every Thursday for the next month. Part 1 of Diggin In The Carts is a 15 minute journey into unearthing the relatively under-appreciated pioneers who created some of the most influential music of all time. Watch it below.

PREMIERE: Akin – Unified Fields (+ Interview)

As the little sister of the legendary record label R&S, Apollo Records is born of high art royalty, with an access to a wealth of incredible talent and an intrinsic power to put said talent on the world stage. And this power has not gone underutilized. While Apollo may have started out as the Ambient division of R&S, it has come to encompass a truly staggering array of styles and aesthetics with innovative, downtempo experimentation being the one constant (alongside a penchant for breaking unbroken artists).

Their most recent release, the Ghost Orchid EP from Akin, upholds this tradition. While the release doesn’t vary much in regards to tempo, the Bristol-based producer is able to maintain his own sonic identity while effortlessly breezing through a variety of styles from IDM-infused Downtempo UK Garage to Acid Dub Techno to all the strange lands in between.

While Ghost Orchid EP came out last week, full streams of the release have been kept under wraps. We are honored, then, to not only have spoken with Akin about the release but also present the premiere of Unified Fields, taken from Ghost Orchid EP. Enjoy:

Getting To Know Akin (by Alex Gaylord)

Congratulations on the new EP. How did you link up with R&S / Apollo Records?

Thank you! Well things started to transpire from me sending several tracks into R&S / Apollo Records. The first one that I sent was “Ghost Orchid” which they liked and I guess that was the base point for the E.P.

While there’s an obvious connection between the UK and Australia, we don’t often hear about much bass-music coming from the former colony. How is the local scene, and what was it like being a fan of bass-music while you were living there?

Australia is so big that there was not just one specific local scene, there were more like nooks n crannies of people who all loved bass influenced music and just seemed to find each other. They weren’t as many bass music events on where I lived, but luckily I was surrounded by other producers which meant we would create our own and stick to more intimate events. We always looked forward to 3rdeye performing and playing out UK bass music, his sets were rude no matter where you were from!

What’s your current production set-up? Have you been doing any live performances, and if so, how have you handled the studio to stage transition?

In terms of my setup; I have a humble studio of a laptop, monitors, midi, keyboard, dual tape-deck, a turntable for sampling and a few guitar pedals. The live performance transition is something I’m currently in the progress of working on, watch this space!

‘Ghost Orchid’, like your first EP, ‘Finite’, has a mix of garage, drum’n’bass, and dubstep influences, most noticeably on your collaboration with 3rd Eye, “Koroko”. How did you and 3rd Eye begin working together, and how important is it to you for an artist to experiment with their style and sound?

My working relationship with 3redeye stemmed from when we met in Byron Bay, Australia a few years ago. He was my lecturer and mentor throughout my audio degree and we just became friends and wanted to work together.

It terms of experimentation, I feel that in life, everything should be in moderation and this is the same with your style and sound. As a artist you should continually be trying to push your self creatively and not stick to just what you know or constrain yourself with rules. Besides if you ate the same thing, day in day out, things would be boring!

Unlike a lot of electronic music being released currently, there’s a sense of melancholy and reflection to your songs. Is that feeling intentional, or do the songs come together and naturally point in that direction? Do you find that the music you enjoy generally takes on more somber tones?

I guess it was down to what was influencing me at that time. Before I sit down at my studio, I start looking at images or conjuring up ideas for track names. I like to build up a style and collection of sounds before I lay down the spine of the track. Once I start to develop my sound, if it doesn’t revoke an emotional response it usually gets binned. I guess this E.P just took on a more melancholic sound.

You mention in your bio that “morphing landscapes” are a theme of your work. How has the move from Sydney to Bristol changed your creative process, and how do you think globalization and the free-exchange of information has affected the creative process in smaller scenes?

Having the worldwide web at your finger tips means that you’re never too far from any music scene and I always felt in touch with UK music whilst away. Where I lived in Australia the music scene was intimate and multicultural and with that came influences from all over the globe. I experienced new music, instruments and styles and I feel that by listening and learning more, you are bringing more tools to your palette.

My environment has changed dramatically from one E.P to the next, which will have inevitably influenced my sound but I try to keep my creative process always evolving, no matter where I am.

Where do you see Akin in the next few years, and what do you have coming up next?

There are several things flowing for me at moment and I’m involved in a few collaborative projects.

I have a downbeat ambient project going with my good friend Sker under our guise “Opeik”. We actually have a track out on a compilation called “After the Rain” by Slime Recordings. There are a few other projects in the pipeline, plus I’m working on my next Akin EP concept.





Apollo Records introduce another newcomer with the debut EP from Akin.

Akin’s sound has taken in influences from moving between the Midlands, Australia’s famous surf coast and his current base in Bristol. In his own words “Morphing landscapes are a constant theme of my work, ever changing by nature.”
His music process mixes self-recorded instrumentation and field recordings and interprets these in the studio into his signature soundscapes.

The six tracks on his debut EP (including one collaboration with 3rdeye) continue label boss Renaat Vandepapeliere’s love of mellow, electronica and garage inspired sounds that saw him sign Synkro, Gacha and Bering Strait to his re-launched label.