HIGHCAST #007 – Young Canadian Primitive

Totally addicted to this mix, and soon you will be too!

When we started our first original podcast series, J’aime Le Dubstep, we had a mission to expose young emerging artist along side the big players in the game. We’ve been very lucky to achieve this on a bigger scale then we had imagined. We hope to achieve the same with this new mix series, and with Highcast #007 we get to do just that. Following Hannah Wants’ amazing House & Bass mix, we present to you #007 by an emerging Montreal artist under the monikor of Young Canadian Primitive.

Coming out of the dubstep and UK bass spectrum of influence which many of us associate with, Young Canadian Primitive (YCP) is a fresh, energetic producer who is not afraid of exploring many types of new sounds. Putting together this mix for us, which includes some of his own amazing UK Funky (linked below), YCP blended in many of our favourite young gunners from MTL who are making names for themselves across the global market such as Hesk, Paveun, Thomas White and 
Kaytranada. This mix does not skip a beat when it comes to being current in style and also retro in sound. On repeat at my office, this is a great pick me up to infuse your day with more audible caffeine for you brain and body.

Make sure to peep his productions down below, and show him some love.


Taking its pseudonym from 1990s house producer Young American Primitive, Young Canadian Primitive was introduced to electronic music via IDM and house in his youth. The emergence of dub-step and other London sounds such as UK funky eventually drove him to produce tracks. His music appeared on UK-based Retrospekt Records and was featured on CJLO and Nasty.fm. Young Canadian Primitive is at times a nostalgic, at times a hype beast, with a particular fondness for his Montreal scene. When mixing, he is quick and eclectic.




Hesk – BeLikeThat

Hesk & Paveun – Exclusives


DJ Rashad – Let It Go

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – The Perfect Blues (Machinedrum Remix)

Full Crate x Mar – Nobody Else (Club Edit)

Thieves – Dilate

Les Sins – Fetch

Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It

Sir Nenis & Roby Howler – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

Bo-Ash-Oak – It’s the Year 3000 and I’m Sitting in Dr. Aquapontanus The Dentists’ Waiting Room

Thomas White – Bad Boi

Juno Sutton, MTD, and Dutty Dan – Block 123

Young Canadian Primitive – Vibes

Theo Nasa – Rollercoaster

Dark Sky – Confunktion

Cybotron – Clear

Martyn – Newspeak

Young Canadian Primitive – Ricochet

Helix – Drum Track

Kaytranada – Club Bang

Kenny G – Songbird


  • Kizma

    YCP is definitely a name to look out for in 2013.

    • YCP

      Merci bcp!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.construct Marc Aurèle Construct

    yeah, his production took me by surprise. this mix is excellent too!