Skulltrane ‘Robot Knew Life’ EP – Mallabel Music – FREE EXCLUSIVE DL

Our west coast friends are always keeping fresh and close to the cut; Skulltrane along with Mallabel Music are no exception!

As a producer, Skulltrane has been on my hit list for a while now. She has the ability to stand out in a crowded market, and for good reason. Her style of production just cuts threw the fat, and hits right for the gut; as you can tell from her Lil Mah Chine EP released back in February on Bandcamp.

Now onto more of a footwork flex, Skulltrane brings her aggressive and direct production style to the game. Delivering a four pack of original tunes which hit straight to the heart, merging dubstep, trap and footwork with great affect. Applying some of the weirdest textures and far out sounds I’ve had to pleasure to enjoy in this budding left-field footwork movement taking over the trap fad which invaded 2012. Her sound is direct and doesnt flutter around or tease the listener’s ear. Full on delivery is what to expect.

With the help on Mallabel Music, we’re here to help get the party burning with this free exclusive download for you to enjoy, run home and blow up your sound systems. Unlike Me is a hard hitting combination of dubstep and glitch topped with a hypnotizing female vocal and scattering hit hats which will leave wondering “what just happened?”. The perfect give away to get you all hooked onto this EP.

Peep the words down below, download the free exclusive, and don’t forget to share the buzz!


‘Robot Knew Life’ is the new release from Skulltane on MalLabel Music. This 4 song EP features dubstep, as well as the frantic rhythm of trap, footwork and juke, complete with the rattling hi hats and relentless vocal samples. It’s typical of the Detroit native, whose eclectic style and high energy, booty bouncing tracks have made her a fan favorite.

These dense bass beats are filled with pulsating synths, syncopated claps and snares and whimsical vocals talking about ‘flossing, Ferrari’s, Jaguars and sniffin’ blow.’ These playful words don’t take away from the impeccable production quality, as Skulltrane seamlessly weaves from multiple genres and back again. Each track fits her style perfectly; full of swag, sawtooth waves and just the right amount of bass and glitch to keep that body moving.

Skulltrane’s got a way of creating tunes that make your booty shake and the earthquake. This album is aptly named, as she brings life to an otherwise inanimate object, a machine. She gives it a voice, one that is prevalent throughout the album, each bit of glitch and synth telling the wisdom of the robot.
Artwork by Skulltrane


Former Detroiter, now residing in San Francisco.This girl def knows her Dub and will definitely keep your feet moving and your head bobbin. If you missed her before, this is your chance to see this girl move the crowd. The Bay Area is toying with disaster by laying on a huge fault line with talent such as SKULLTRANE producing her jawdropping dubstep with MalLabel Music and her own label Cutty Dubs. Come plunge in to the bass of this talented female who is on fire right now! You’ll be able to say you saw her before she becomes a household name as one of best dubstep female producers, which will be in the very near future.