HIGHCAST 002: Mastah Syphe Live at Low End Theory


A little guilty pleasure that comes with curating a podcast is being able to listen to these killer mixes before they surface on the internet. Sometime you’ve gotta hold on to a mix for a little bit longer then expected, so I have to admit that this mix here has been on repeat on my phone for over 2 weeks and for good reason. Mastah Syphe, a young budding producer from the Liquid Geometry crew out of San Diego is a great candidate for our podcast. Not only has his wild and crazy psychedelic bass/trap/footwork tunes invaded many of my sets over 2012, their crew has gained momentum and released some of the most wildly inspiring music that has crossed my ears in a while.

In a scene full of imitators and style jackers, this guy is refreshing. Take notice.

Recorded live at Low End Theory, January 30th 2013 this live set is proof of something bigger coming soon. Read on below and learn more about Mastah Syphe, Liquid Geometry and sandwiches.

[acc title=”Q&A with Mastah Syphe:”] 1- For people just learning about Mastah Syphe, how would you describe yourself as an artist?
I’m a producer based out of California trying to make the crazy shit in my head happen over speakers. 

2- Who & what is Liquid Geometry? 
Liquid Geometry is a like minded collective of artists based out of San Diego. Its homegrown, and has always been about community which is how we’ve came to have an amazing roster of artists such as: Sleeve, Dons Of Derp, Misk, Eighenheimer, Unconventional Science, and Luisterwaar.  We put out music from talented producers and throw  shows.

3- How did you get involved in the business? i.e. mastering, producing, etc.
I did music from a  young age and played in jazz and jam bands. Then I got over compromising my artistic vision with other ppl and took up producing as a hobby. I went to college in San Diego and switched my major to computer music and audio engineering half way through. After graduation, I worked at a hip hop studio in san diego for a bit producing/engineering. About a year later, I moved to LA to pursue better opportunities and have been freelancing in production, mixing/mastering, and ableton lessons in addition to working on my own music. 

4- What are your tools of choice while creating music?
Ableton Live and Protools
Padkontrol for drums, samples,
4 octave keyboard for everything else

5- The LG crew has been gaining some attention in the past year, going forward in 2013 what are some goals?
To put out high quality art for free, emphasizing quality & integrity. We will also continue to throw shows.  Our next release is with Colta of TeamSupreme. For that release party at the Kava Lounge on March 14th we’ll also have crew member Eignenheimer from the netherlands.

6- California has been very active in the beat making scene for years now. What do you believe are some of the benefits or obstacles?
Theres a lot of inspiration and community without going too far. So many different imported and original styles are fused here by natives and immigrants. Also because of the density of producers on the west coast theres a lot of options in terms of styles to experiment with and implement. But with density, you get a competitive environment which some thrive in and others don’t. 

7- This mix was recorded live at Low End Theory (possibly the biggest weekly in the world.) How was your experience?
It was dope! Got a great response from the crowd. Playing at low end has been one of my goals since I started producing, and a lot of the artists associated with that night are influences on my production and engineering work

8- When performing live, do you approach your performance as a DJ or producer?
In my situation, its more of a sequencing and effects game, than traditional dj-ing. Since im not constrained by traditional beat matching, i feel its necessary to fully utilize all the features i can get with my live set up. If I don’t, im just bullshitting myself and the audience. However, at the same time I have to be wary of overdoing stuff, cause that can also kill the vibe . It also depends on the context too, like the crowd/type of gig. I try to approach my performance by trying to learn and implement useful techniques from both performance types. 

9- Are there any upcoming artist you’d like to share with us?
-Sleeve (songs, not just beats)
-Luisterwaar (excellent sound design)
-Nobi 4 (dark heavy tracks)
-Bosstone (phat tvrp bangerz)
-Lucid (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) 

10- What is in your perfect sandwich?
– Turkey, mustard, basil hummus, naan bread, lettuce, tomatoes, colby jack cheese. 


Highcast 002 – Mastah Syphe

Donna Summers – She Works Hard for the Money (Mastah Syphe Bootleg)
Dons of Derp – Funky Junky
Sleeve – Saigon (Mastah Syphe Remix)
Ellie Goulding – Figure 8 (French Fries Club Mix)
Mykki Blanco – Haze Boogie Life (MXM & Dons of Derp Remix)
Subp Yao – Rum Schweppes (Sleeve Remix)
Three 6 Mafia – Sippin on Syrup (Mastah Syphe Edit)
Lucid – On and On
Joney – OMG its Ethno Music
Filoshefischstilte – Nintendo Crash (Mastah Syphe Remix)
Guerilla Speakerz & BeauDamian – 24 Karats
LuisterWaar – Robo Nights (Mastah Syphe Remix)
Ryan Hemsworth – Charly’s Mask Shop (Sam Tiba & Canblaster Remix)
Krampfhaft – Cork
Wheez – ie – Keep Yer Chin Up (Salva Remix)
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Mastah Syphe x Nobi 4 Edit)
Bosstone – Untitled
Krampfhaft – In a Dream
Bosstone – Untitled
Bro Safari Ft. DJ Craze – Spooked
Nutrik – Head Explosion (Mastah Syphe Retwerk)
Baauer – Buble Rap


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