Borai – Moonlight on the Malago – Tasteful Nudes

Bristol seems to have an infinite well of talent. The region spawned and has remained the epicenter of the Purple sound but it is also home to a vast amount of talent within the House community. Boris English, aka Borai, is apart of the new generation of Bristolian house producers.

Despite DJing for over a decade, Borai has just recently come out of his production shell in late 2011 and even then it wasn’t until his release on Appleblim‘s seminal Bristol-based record label Apple Pips with his regular partner-in-crime (& fellow Bristolian) October that I discovered the budding producer (seeing the Bristol domination here?).

But with Moonlight on the Malago (Malago being a tributary river that runs between Bristol & neighboring Somerset) we see Borai finally standing his own ground and this time on fledging Chicago-based record label Tasteful Nudes.

The title track is airy yet positive with a playfully bouncing deep house bassline. The entire upper register plays a carefree game of call & response with the bassline seemingly paying tribute to the mid-90s era of Dancemania. Which, I suppose, means it is even more appropriate that it is being released on label from Chicago.

The B-side, Does It Bother You?, is less playful and more of a subdued, serious & steady house track that slowly builds through repetitive loops, as we have come to expect from classic Chicago house. The tune is self-conscious as it eventually comes to peak with a vocal sample asking you “Does it bother you, walking around in circles?” If this release is evidence of anything it is that Borai has done his research & knows the history of this style.

Moonlight on the Malago will be released on February 12th on 12″ Vinyl + Digital. Check out the previews below and make sure to give Borai a good’ol fashioned LIKE.

Official Words

Bristol-based producer Borai, known for his collaborative releases with DJ October on labels such as Apple Pips, Simple Records, BRSTL and Never Learnt, is now unveiling his first solo work – “Moonlight On The Malago” via Tasteful Nudes – a brand new label from Chicago, IL.

After twelve years as a DJ and as of late, learning the art of vinyl mastering at Henry Bainbridge’s Dubstudio as an apprentice – Borai takes another well-chosen step in the direction of floor-focused grooves. This two-tracker will be first available as a hand-stamped white label on February 5th and digitally two months later.

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